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About Watson Head Quarters

Jackie Watson began her career as an anchor in Miami television before moving on to become a producer where she produced various television programs as well as several films. As a producer, she became the founder and owner of W. Entertainment responsible for bringing to life shows such as Day in the Life and Cause Celeb which both air respectively on Discovery Channel and Women Entertainment. She has also written and acted for several programs she has produced including the television movies Wanna Be Me! and Touched. After a couple of years away from producing, Jackie realized her true passion is as an anchor and reporter which she has dedicated herself to full-time, taking her back to where she first started. Only this time, she finds herself The French Reporter Jackie Watson on the red carpets of Los Angeles talking to celebrities at charity galas, awards ceremonies Movie premiere and other live events in hopes that she can shed a positive light to the often negative gossipy tabloids found far too often in modern mainstream news….


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