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The 10th Anniversary of the Animal Equality

The 10th Anniversary of the Animal Equality

True animal heroes celebrate in LA

Los Angeles, 19 November 2016 – Saturday night, Jackie the French Reporter was again blessed to be in a position to bring the limelight and recognition to true-life heroes who so richly deserve it. The 10th Anniversary of the Animal Equality organization was celebrated at a star-studded cocktail party “At the P” Cole venue in LA. They also took the opportunity to honor Moby, with the Animal Hero Award and Tofurky with the Compassionate Company Award.

Animal Equality is a leading animal advocacy organization active in America, Asia and Europe whose mission it is to work towards a long-tem social change to live in a world where animals are treated with compassion and respect. They focus their attention on the main area in which animals suffer the most: farmed animals. The effectiveness of their campaigns, educational programs and investigations as well as legal advocacy has led to meaningful victories for animals in many areas.

First on the red carpet, Jackie met the three founders of Animal Equality: Sharon Nunez (President), Jose Valle (Vice President & Head of Investigations), and Javier Moreno (Vice President & Executive Director, Spain). “What drove us to start Animal Equality was learning about what animals suffer in factory farms and slaughterhouses, that not only moved me to become a vegan but it also moved me to think that I needed to do something else,” Sharon told us about why they created Animal Equality.

“These are great people and they kind of like almost, I think, revolutionized the whole animal right’s thing,” Mischa Barton said of the founding trio of Animal Equality.

Jayde Nicole added: “I think they really help open people’s eyes to what’s actually going on.”

Animal Equality can rightfully celebrate their many achievements and victories over the past ten years, such as the longest prison sentence for animal cruelty in the history of the UK and Spain, a ban on foie gras and bull cart racing in India, changing the minds of 60% of Italians who now refuses to eat lamb at Easter and a ban on circus’s in Guadalajara in Mexico. Animal Equality’s brave investigators work tirelessly and have visited over 700 farms and slaughterhouses, and have presented more than 60 investigations in 8 different countries including the US, UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, Mexico, Brazil and India.

Animal Equality’s award-winning, powerful and immersive iAnimal virtual reality project takes viewers inside the factory farms and slaughterhouses, and has reached 63 million people around the world from all walks of life. Sam Dolnick of The New York Times said that he knew all about the cruel practices of the meat industry, but was never persuaded to give up meat until watching Animal Equality’s iAnimal.

“In showing them what’s happening makes people understand what they’re eating. And that’s when you do have a choice, because before you are connected to what you are eating and you know what’s behind your plate there is no way of knowing. I was a heavy carnivore, I changed nine years ago thanks to these investigations and I hope that more and more people join,” elaborated Marco Antonio Regil.

Jamie Athos, CEO of Animal Equality honoree Tofurky said: “We have a fairly robust charitable giving program within Tofurky and we just think so highly of the work that Animal Equality does that some of our charitable giving goes to this group.”

Please consider helping Animal Equality in their continual quest to help make a difference in the lives of animals. Visit their website at for more information on all the different ways you can make a difference through your own actions, and also to donate to the worthy actions of the organization, such as crucial investigations and campaigns. @AnimalEquality #AE10 #iAnimal

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Written by: Miquette Caalsen

Charity Event

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