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3 Minutes with Rochelle Vincente Von K

3 Minutes with Rochelle Vincente Von K

3 Minutes with Rochelle Vincente Von K

Jackie Watson, the French Reporter, dealt a whopping 3-minute ‘Star Speed-Talk’ with the beautiful ‘Deal Me In’ Australian vocalist and songwriter Rochelle Vincente Von K.

Jackie wasted no time getting down to business as she headed off the Speed-talk by first asking Rochelle a few simple questions: what is her favorite kind of weather, beverage, movie, and etc. You get the drift. But then Jackie moved on to some interesting questions. One of which regarded Rochelle’s bravest moment in life. Rochelle revealed that she left Australia with one tiny suitcase, traveled to Europe, and then to the U.S. She never returned to Australia. Now, that my friends are one brave gal. However, one question that sticks in my mind is, “What was in that tiny suitcase?” Next!

Jackie then surprised Rochelle by asking her if she ever Googled herself? Isn’t that like asking someone if they have ever sneaked a peek at themselves in the shower? Well, perhaps not. After all, this is the year 2018. And, though most of us would never admit it, we have all been tempted a time or two to type our name into that ole Google search bar. Whether you have or not, is simply ‘not my bidness.’ Tea anyone?

The Star Speed Talk commenced and this ‘song-based electronica’ style singer revealed that her last singles “Deal Me In” was actually short-listed for four Grammy nominations. OMG! Totally ‘Aussome.’ This Aussie girl is truly on fire. Oh, wait, wrong song. Wrong girl. Actually, this Aussie chick’s latest single, “Valley ov Fire,’ which was written in ten minutes, is a total hot commodity! So hot in fact that she had to film the entire video under water. Hmmmm!

The Speed Talk concluded with a few important facts about Rochelle; YES, you are in luck. Rochelle is still single. And, another tidbit about Rochelle: She is the owner of a raw chocolate superfood company called, “Lover Raw Chocolate” which has a huge celebrity following.

And, there you have it! Rochelle Vincente Von K revealed!

If you would like to stay in the loop with Rochelle’s music and tour dates, please visit her website at www.rochellevincentevonk.com

Rochelle instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rochellevincentevonk


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—Written by: Valerie Roop (Please follow Valerie on twitter @twitter/vroop33)

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