Birth of the Dragon Movie Premiere

Birth of the Dragon Movie Premiere

Birth of the Dragon Movie Premiere

Los Angeles, 18 August 2017 – Jackie the French Reporter attended the premier of the much anticipated movie ‘Birth of the Dragon’ – a movie that takes its inspiration from the legendary, and still controversial, fight between the then up-and-coming Bruce Lee, and the kung fu master Wong Jack man. A fight that gave quite literally gave birth to the legend that is Bruce Lee.

Philip Ng, the lead actor challenged to portray the legend himself, told us: “The most challenging part is to not imitate him, but to honor him. ‘Cause a lot of people have an idea of who Bruce Lee is. I played other historical figures in my other movies, but they’re not as well documented, right? Bruce Lee is very well documented so in a way to honor him, we can imitate him.”

“Bruce Lee was the first man that I saw as an Asian American, speaking English, doing kung fu. It was incredible for me to see as a young child,” Elizabeth Ho said of her memories of the Dragon.

The film takes on the tough task of portraying a Bruce Lee much younger than when the world discovered him in Return of the Dragon – and has faced quite a bit of backlash and criticism over the portrayal of Lee. Thankfully, the premiere audience gave the film a chance to prove itself and they were rewarded with a film that shows great character progression. The film is packed with epic fight scenes, great choreography with a great climax.

Akbar Gbaja-Baimila underlined the questions faced by the filmmakers in creating the film: “Documenting Bruce Lee, this epic fight that he has; there’s a lot of buzz around what took place in this fight and it’s kind of cool to see it from a Hollywood perspective. I don’t think any of us will really know, unless we see the actual footage of what took place.”

Of course, Jackie had to ask what kung fu really is, a religion perhaps? Sifu Matthew set us straight by sharing: “I call it a science of mastering the manipulation of forces. I call it a science on how you learn to use all the forces that are available to you in the atmosphere and to use them and to move them through your body to create change.”

Fun fact, the common consensus on the red carpet seems to be that the favourite Bruce Lee movie watched by all who attended the premiere, is Enter the Dragon. (Mine too!)

Don’t miss “Birth of the Dragon” in cinemas from 25 August, and visit the Facebook page @BirthOfTheDragon for more info and reviews.

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