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Shannon K and guests celebrate new album by saying: “Boo to Bullying!”

Shannon K and guests celebrate new album by saying: “Boo to Bullying!”

Shannon K and guests celebrate new album by saying: “Boo to Bullying!”

Los Angeles, 26 April 2017 – Jackie the French Reporter joined Shannon K and celebrity guests at The Peppermint Club to celebrate the launch of her new album, and also to benefit the Boo2Bullying organization.

This initiative was created in 2011, to fight bullying in schools. Boo2Bullying is a collection of artists and visionaries, dedicated to transforming today’s youth into a strong and empowered nation, by facilitating a conversation between the bully and the bullied. Some of the members are former bullies and some were victims of bullying. This history allows Boo2Bullying to share their story and experience with the youth.
As Shannon K says: “I just want to be there for those people and tell them (that) no matter what people say you should just be yourself.”
Actress and model Hayley Gripp, another a strong anti-bullying activist also joined Jackie on the red carpet. “I am 100 % about anti-bullying. I had a prominent role in getting the I.D.E.A act passed, and this act prevents any teacher in the state of California and 48 other states from bullying or abusing a student with disabilities.” She added:
Being bullied can make any young person feel like the loneliest person on the planet. However, before you let yourself believe that you are alone, take heart in the experiences of these celebrities, now all successful despite being bullied themselves: Ryan Blake, Ava Glascott and Jase Whitaker.
Jase shared with us: “Bullying is something that’s big to me because I was bullied as a kid and I had to work through it. I danced and did a bunch of stuff. And I had jazz and music but there’s some other kids who don’t have all that. I had two parents that pushed me and taught me to be tough but a lot of people don’t have that so I’m here to support the people that can’t fight for themselves.”
The former bullied celebrities gave some advice on how to end bullying, but also how to deal with it. Shannon K believes: “You should just surround yourself with good, positive people who would always compliment you and praise you.”
“Believe in yourself,” adds Steve Lion, “nobody is better than anybody in this world and usually the people who are being bullied turn out to be the most special cards in the deck.”

Sasha Askari nicely summed up the essence of anti-bullying saying: “Hurt people, hurt people. And maybe to turn it around, and just be like ‘Hey are you ok? Is something wrong?’ ‘Cause clearly they are acting out, that’s a projection of something that’s way deeper inside of them.”
Mike Manning left us with this encouraging and poignant message: “It does get better, and whatever your are facing right now, it will pass. And I have also found that the things that I was picked on when I was younger and the things that a lot of people are bullied for become the things that people remember about them when they are older. The things that make them special, unique and interesting.”
To learn more about Boo2Bullying, and how you can help them in the fight against bullying in schools and the school system, please visit
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Written by: Miquette Caalsen

Charity Event

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