ESPY Awards After Party with Celebrity Sweat gets the heart pumping!

ESPY Awards After Party with Celebrity Sweat gets the heart pumping!

ESPY Awards After Party with Celebrity Sweat gets the heart pumping!

Downtown Los Angeles, 16 July 2016 – Jackie the French Reporter joined celebrities and athletes at the after party for the ESPY Awards, and to support fundraising for the Celebrity Sweat programme along with Eric the Trainer and Billy Blanks, creator of Tae Bo Fitness.

The ESPY (short for Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly) Awards is awarded annually for excellence in sports performance and achievements. WWE Superstar, actor and record-breaking Make-a-Wish granter, John Cena hosted the 2016 ESPYS Presented by Capitol One.

Among the big winners of the evening was LeBron James, who took home is third Best Male Athlete ESPY, his fifth BEST NBA Player ESPY and his third Best Championship Performance ESPY. He also shared the Best Team award and Best Moment award with his fellow Cavaliers for winning Cleveland’s first ever NBA title.

Other notable wins included Breanna Stewart taking The Best Female Athlete ESPY (finally) and Jake Arriata of the Chicago Cubs won the Best Breakthrough Athlete.

The pinnacle and emotional highlight of the evening came with the awarding of the three special awards:

  • The Jimmy V Award for Perseverance was awarded to Graig Sager in recognition of his unwavering strength and determination in his fight against his cancer,
  • The Arthur Ashe Courage Award was presented, posthumously, to Zaevion Dobson for giving his life to shield to young women from gunfire, and
  • The Pat Tillman Award for Service to world-class paraswimmer, Sgt. Elizabeth Marks, for her strength and continued service to her country.

For a complete list of winners and other honors, please visit www.espnmediazone.com.

Onto the party! Although here were, as always after such glamorous award shows several after parties, Jackie made her way to the Celebrity Sweat’s Exclusive After Party. The party was geared to raise funds for their ongoing charitable endeavours such as providing better sports gear and fitness equipment to kids. They also support great organizations and groups such as the Mount Sinai Children’s Hospital in New York, LA Cares for Kids, United Way of New Orleans, the FDNY/911 PD Fun and Boys and Girls Clubs around the country. A most worthy group of exceptional people to support if ever there was.

Celebrity sweat is, according to their website description: “the hottest celebrity fitness campaign on the market today.” The company was founded with a single mission: to help their clients and viewers with the most innovative and easy-to-digest tips and tricks for achieving and retaining physical health through exercise and proper nutrition. Visit www.csweat.com for all the info.

Meeting the French Reporter on the Red Carpet was Brock O’Hurn (Private Personal Trainer), saying: “Everything that this organization stands for is something that I stand for and that’s why I’ve never been happier to a part of something.”

Victor Ortiz added, “It’s to inspire kids to just get into the fitness word and to just keep going forward with things.”

Jackie, being Jackie, couldn’t resist a few mischievous questions: When do you know you are in love? What makes a real man? What’s your secret of happiness? Watch the video to see the truly sweet, and some remarkably insightful, answers by your favourite celebrities and athletes (including a musical number!), put on the spot as only the French Reporter can!

For more interesting topics and events, please follow Jackie Watson, the French Reporter, on Twitter and

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Written by: Miquette Caalsen


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