Laughing at the Moon

Laughing at the Moon


Los Angeles, 17 September 2016 – Natalie has not met her newest roommate. Dull doesn’t describe Iris. Iris may change your decor. But she will also change your heart.

Jackie the French Reporter, always the lucky girl, saw the new movie, Laughing at the Moon, and had the opportunity to sit down with Alyssa Addisson – writer, director and actress (with a little producing thrown in) for a chat.

Laughing at the moon is a character-driven drama comedy “about an eccentric, altruistic woman” named Iris, played by Alyssa Addisson. Iris will not only turn the lives of three unsuspecting city-dwellers upside down, but change their hearts as well. Their odd encounters with Iris’ hilarious antics of Christ-like sacrificial love totally transform everyone she meets, especially her snobby, compulsive and self-absorbed roommate Natalie (Erin Bethea).

Jackie refused to give away any spoilers, but was kind enough to hint at a tissue-warning towards the end, so go prepared everyone! What we can tell you is that somewhere during the story Natalie comes to the surprising realization that she wants what Iris has. Through all her apparently crazy antics, Iris is happy and loved by all. Iris gives the profound answer: “It’s just a relationship with Him, that’s what it is. There’s a big difference between religion and relationship.”

As Jackie also believes the Bible is a way of life, Alyssa says: “There is a lot of people who make it (The Bible) into a religion and that has a lot of rules and regulations and hard things but it’s really about having a relationship with Jesus Christ and with God and I think that is so important because that’s what makes it alive and real when He’s really a part of your life and you can feel His presence guiding you instead of just, ‘I’m doing all these rules and regulations for this religion.”

For those going to see the movie, and Miss Jackie and all of us here really encourages you to do that, Alyssa hopes that you will laugh a lot and are inspired and shed a few tears as well. “I hope that it touches them to have that they can have that same kind of relationship with God and just helps them be reminded of just how amazingly phenomenal that love that God has for us (is).”

For more information and ticket information, visit www.laughingatthemoonthemovie.com.

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Written by: Miquette Caalsen


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