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3 Minutes With Superstar Alejandro Montesinos

3 Minutes With Superstar Alejandro Montesinos

3 Minutes with Alejandro Montesinos

Jackie Watson, the French Reporter, was ‘3-minutes in awe’ today as she sat down to play ‘Star Speed-Talk’ with hunky Spanish model, entrepreneur, and music label creator: TrueMakers Music Group, Mr. Alejandro Montesinos. Jealous much? Well, of course, you are darling.

Jackie began the Speed-talk with a bit of drool and sweat … no, wait … let’s begin again. Jackie headed off the Speed-talk by first asking Alejandro about his modeling career. She then moved on to other questions regarding his new music label, TrueMakers Music Group, his favorite and not so favorite fashion trends, his most embarrassing photo shoot moment, and others. Alejandro was quick, witty, and very precise with his answers. But we didn’t expect anything less. This man has it all: looks, brains, and a wonderful personality. But, Jackie, being a woman of substance, was unmoved by Alejandro’s beautifully, chiseled face. Instead, she stayed focused on Alejandro’s wonderful personality. Sigh! That’s so sweet. Moving on …

Alejandro truly is more than just a pretty face. His is a humble, accomplished man with a great sense of humor. He spoke with much confidence as he talked about the modeling industry and his experiences working as a model. And, he was very excited as he talked about TrueMakers Music Group and the work he has produced for singers such as Madonna, Barbra Streisand, and Ricky Martin, just to name a few. He has also worked with Coldplay band member Chris Martin who sang at the Teleton with artist Emmanuel Kelly, the writer of “Never Be Alone.” This song is a real tear jerker, even for our Alejandro.

Lastly, Alejandro would like his fans to know that he is working very hard on his music, alongside TrueMakers partner, Luigie Gonzalez. And, he is putting together some exciting new ideas. Stay tuned!

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—Written by: Valerie superstar (Please follow Valerie on twitter @twitter/vroop33)

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