Movie premiere Allied

Movie premiere Allied

Movie overview: Allied

Beverly Hills, 23 November 2016 – Brad Pitt’s latest foray on the silver screen, Allied, brings back old-Hollywood glamour with new technology in a beautifully polished, larger-than-life production by director , Robert Zemekis and writer Steven Knight.

The story revolves around Canadian Intelligence officer Max Vatan (Brad Pitt) and French Resistance Fighter Marianne Beausejour (Marion Cotillard). We start of in Morocco, where the pair is introduced to work on a joint secret mission behind enemy lines. During the mission the pair fall in love, and after the completion of the mission, meet up again later in London. They marry and have a child, and all seems bliss. Or is it?

Director Robert Zemekis brings his trademark technical magic combined with his long experience to the film, winning praise from his stars, with Brad Pitt saying: “This is something that Bob Zemekis had his arms around from the beginning, and that was good fun for us!” The cinematography is fresh and beautiful at the same time, making the film a feast for the senses – forcing you to readjust your expectations around nearly every corner.

Allied is a story years in the making, as Brad tells it: “I had a meeting with the writer, Steven Knight, years ago, when we were shooting World War Z, and he began to tell me the story before he had written it, and it was based on members of his family! And so, cut to so many years later here we are. So it’s nice to see this thing come full circle.” Knight is well-known for his clever story writing and Allied is no different. Clever clues are planted throughout the film, engaging the audience with a sense of premonition, right until the “something” you were predicting, happens, (or doesn’t happen, as the case may be …)

Marion Cotillard, for her part, loved the costumes designed especially for her in the film: “Most of them were made on me. It’s always a joy to see what they’ve created!” She has every right to be impressed with the astonishing wardrobe of dresses, hats, coats and pant suits at her character’s disposal. Almost as if it’s trying to tell you something … hmmm.

Don’t miss Allied in theatres this November to discover the big secret that lurks in the shadows of what appears to be, on the surface, an old-school, glamorous romance during the wartime of the 1940’s.

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Written by: Miquette Caalsen


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