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Father Rupert Mayer Premiere

Father Rupert Mayer Premiere

Father Rupert Mayer Premiere in Los Angeles at the Crest Theater, Westwood, CA 05-28-15


Damian Chapa’s Father Rupert Mayer – Los Angeles Premiere guests: Damian Chapa, Gloria Kisel, Oliver Gruber, Nicola Mayerl, Courtney Clark, Eugenia Kuzmina, Maria Elena Infantino, Gabriel Jaret, May Wang, Sofia Shinas, Swan Montgomery, Steven Adler, Lydia Cornell, Patrika Darbo, William McNamara, Shaka, Jim Wooten, Vikki Lizzie, Prince Mario Max Schaumburg-Lippe, Dr. Ava Cadell, Rich Rossi, Elvis Guinan and more…

Produced by:
Damian Chapa … producer
Gloria Kisel … producer
Nicola Mayerl … producer
Torsten Münchow … co-producer

Cast (in credits order)
Damian Chapa … Capitan Paintsville
Oliver Gruber … father Rupert Mayer
Nicola Mayerl … Donna Von Bayern
Stacy Keach … Colonel von Bayern
Thomas Morris … Fischer

Rupert Mayer Bio: Rupert Mayer was born and grew up in Stuttgart, Germany. His family was involved in business. He had a brother and four sisters. He was a very talented violinist and horse rider in his youth. Rupert finished his secondary education in 1894 and studied philosophy and theology in Freiburg, Switzerland; Munich and Tübingen.
In January 1933 when Adolf Hitler became Chancellor of Germany, he showed his true face and began to close church-affiliated schools and started a campaign to defame the religious orders in Germany. Fr. Mayer spoke out against this persecution from the pulpit of St. Michael’s in downtown Munich and because he was a powerful influence in the city, the Nazis could not tolerate such a force to oppose them. On 16 May 1937, the Gestapo to ordered Fr. Mayer to stop speaking in public which he obeyed, but he continued to preach in church. Fr. Rupert Mayer spoke out against anti-Catholic baiting campaigns and fought against Nazi church policy.

More info about Rupert Mayer & IMDB

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