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Life’s A Drag Tv series Premiere created by “Grey’s Anatomy” actor Ian Verdun

Life’s A Drag Tv series Premiere created by “Grey’s Anatomy” actor Ian Verdun

Life’s A Drag Tv series Premiere written and created by “Grey’s Anatomy” actor Ian Verdun. What is “Life’s A Drag” All About?

This is a dramatic comedy written and created by “Grey’s Anatomy” actor Ian Verdun and directed by “Orange Is The New Black” actor Sebastian La Cause. It follows a financially struggling actor (Verdun) who lives in Los Angeles and secretly turns into the world of Drag

Queen competitions to gain some extra cash. Without his family, girlfriend (“The Newsroom” actress Santana Dempsey), and friends knowing, he starts to fall in love with fame and money that comes with the competitions whiles struggling to keep this part of his life a secret.

Life’s a Drag is an opportunity to tell stories about people we don’t often see, to explore sexuality, identity, and the crippling expectation that comes along with growing older.

Cast & Crew:

Ian Verdun as Melvin Everman (Writer/Producer):
Previous Credits Include, “Last Resort” (ABC), “General Hospital” (ABC), “Hawthorne” (TNT), ABC Showcase (2008)

Santana Dempsey as Noelle Watts:
Previous Credits Include, “Mega Church Murder” (LIFETIME), “Newsroom” (HBO), ABC Showcase (2013)

Andy Gala as Asit “Happy” Panjabi: ”
Previous Credits Include, New Girl” (FOX), “Criminal Minds” (CBS), “Happy Endings” (ABC), ABC Showcase (2012)

Junes Zahdi as Xander Finn:
Previous Credits Include, “The Mindy Project” (FOX), “Ride Along 2” (UNIVERSAL)

Jessica Camacho as Rosa Flores:
Previous Credits Include, “Last Resort” (ABC), “Castle” (ABC), “Think Like A Man” (Screen Gems)

Amanda Hyde as Smash: Making her acting debut

Guest Cast:
Stephen Guarino as DJ Tricky Dicky:
Previous Credits Include: “Happy Endings” (ABC), “The Comeback” (HBO), “Marry Me” (NBC), “The Straight Out Report” (LOGO), “Bear City” 1 and 2, and “Hustling”.

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