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TheBalCOny Fire – music video – premiere

TheBalCOny Fire – music video – premiere


The day of glory has arisen for Jackie Watson the french reporter. She was blazing on the red carpet at the W Hotel in Hollywood as the band TheBalcony celebrated the launch of their new song and video called ‘Fire.’

Jackie stood aglow in the midst of band members Jack and Jack during a brief interview—No Wait! Was it Jack and Jack or Kenny and Wes? There seems to have been a bit of confusion sweeping through the air. Perhaps the smoke from The Balcony was blinding Jackie’s memory … well in any case, Jackie had a bit of a ‘Yo, yo, what’s up’ convo with the handsome duo as they discussed the meaning, writing, and video highlight of ‘Fire.’

The songs catchy beat and lively lyrics, according to Kenny are about ‘life and how crazy awesome it is.’ And life to the duo means music, friends, fans, love, life itself, the journey and experiences and adventures that comes with it. Now how awesome is that? And the highlight of the video? Well, that would be Serena, the beautiful, live tigeress who was on set in full costume. What a firey roar she was!

Celebrities and other young artists such as Josh Levi, Midnight Run’s Anthony Ladao and Eric Secharia, Youtube master Josh Tryhane and Jennifer Tapiero who served as the ‘holla back girl’, were there to support The Balcony. No pun intended of course.

All-on-all it was one huge fun and exciting night for all. There were lots of laughs and high fives. And of course there were plenty of kisses which just happened to land on the cheeks of our Jackie who was definitely on FIRE!

For more information on The Balcony visit their website at

—Written by: Valerie Roop



Social media links:

The BalCOnyWebsite, Twitter, Facebook 

Midnight RED – Website, Twitter, Facebook

Josh Tryhane – Youtube

Josh Levi – Website, Twitter, Facebook

Movie / Music Overview

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