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Episode – LIFE’S A DRAG: The Pilot

Episode – LIFE’S A DRAG: The Pilot

Episode – LIFE’S A DRAG: The Pilot.

Follow Mel as he experiences all the ups and downs Hollywood has to offer

Life’s A Drag is the story of aspiring actor Mel (Ian Verdun)  as he attempts to make it as an actor in the highly competitive world of Los Angeles. This episode has Mel ran over hot coals by a casting director who clearly has the hots for his competition. An audition ritual takes a turn for the worse leaving Mel completely speechless among other things. After that embarrassing mishap, he is comforted by his girlfriend ( Santana Dempsey) who has to eat her own words after her own shameful toilet incident. If life for a guy trying to make it in Hollywood isn’t enough, Mel has got some bad news waiting for him at his day job that will ever change the course of direction in his life…for better or worse. Life’s A Drag is Directed by Sebastian La Cause who also stars in the web series. Verdun is a great up-and-coming talent in Hollywood. Sometimes in life, we have no other choice but to move backwards.

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