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4th Annual Celebration of Jane Owen PR

4th Annual Celebration of Jane Owen PR

Clients and professionals mingled well into the night on Wednesday as they supported and celebrated Public Relations specialist Jane Owen and four successful years at her firm, Jane Owen PR. The event was held at Hutchinson Cocktails and Grill in Los Angeles, where celebrity DJs performed, gift bags were handed out, and specialty cocktails were offered.

Jackie Watson was on the red carpet and caught up with visitors as they walked in.

Jackie first spoke with the restaurant’s owner, Justin Hopper, to find out more about the special offerings for the night. The meal included a special cut of meat known as the Tomahawk ribeye, which is “a 60 ounce cut of meat served off the woodfired grill with a big large bone.”

When interviewing other guests, Jackie found that Owen “[has] proven to be one of the most authentic people in town, and I’m not just saying that because it’s her event!” said actor Junes Zahdi with a wink. Actress Tiffany Hines added “She’s such a beautiful spirit.” Guests made it clear that Owen was the woman of the hour and was meant to be celebrated, but in her opinion, “It’s a way for me to thank, also, everybody that has supported me.”

Owen has certainly left her mark on Hollywood as a Public Relations specialist, as she has the National Association of Professional Women “Woman of the Year Award” under her belt in addition to PR experience in both London and New York. Her expertise is made clear in her work with her clients, as she represents everything from musicians and film companies to fashion designers and venues.

“You deserve all the success you have and a ton more, girl!” said on-air personality Allegra Riggio.

Owen finished the red carpet interviews by thanking her guests. “To everyone who came, I love you so much. I couldn’t do this without you, I can’t do tomorrow without you, so please keep supporting me.”

-Written by Tansu Philip

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