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Bruce, Caitlyn or Confusion?

Bruce, Caitlyn or Confusion?

Bruce, Caitlyn or Confusion?

You don’t have to stay-tuned-in to the reality show, “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” to have heard the latest saga in the lives of the Karadashian-Jenners. On June 1, 2015, Bruce Jenner, the father to the famous Kardashian sisters Kim, Kourtney and Khloé, revealed himself as ‘Caitlyn’ on the Cover of Vanity Fair. The 65-year old Olympic decathlon men’s event champion, turned reality tv star, turned trans gender, has been surgically transformed from a male to female. So in essence, this would now make him the ‘other’ mother to the famous sisters, since they already have a mother, Kris Jenner, right? Or is he or she still officially the father? Wow! This is almost as confusing as the reality show itself.

Since October 14, 2007, when the reality series first aired on E!, America has been enthralled yet also confused by the Kardashians. The allure of beauty, money and fame entangled with the emotional rollar-coaster of drama seems to be rather appealing to most. However, that allure also allows for some serious confusion as the Kardashian-Jenners cannot quite seem to get a grip on the whole directional aspect of life. With Kim naming her baby, North West (West being the last name of the baby’s father Kayne West) to Bruce’s 180 degrees gender turn-around, it is of no wonder that the audience is left lost and confused inside the whole Karadashian-Jenner chaotic maze.

All vertigo aside, let’s focus on the ‘Bruce to Caitlyn’ trans gender transformation. My thoughts? I am absolutely astounded that anyone can believe that changing ones gender surgically would make a person happy. Let’s be honest here. No one, I mean no one in this lifetime can ever be 100 percent happy, EVER—unless it be granted to them by God and God alone.

Life has its up and downs so therefore our emotions go up and down. Happiness is an emotion. It is not a static force that simply halts and stays in place, no matter what alterations we make to ourselves or our lives. And, truth be told, at the end of the day, when the cameras cease rolling and he is left all alone in his new body, Jenner / Caitlyn is probably just as unhappy as he ever was before his transformation.

And morally speaking, I do not believe that anyone has the right to play God. God created each and everyone of us. He created us the way He wanted us to be for a reason. True, the reason is not always revealed to us right away, but eventually it will be revealed to us in one way or another and at the appropriate time; whether in this life or the next.

So, am I casting stones at Jenner / Caitlyn for his transformation? No. Absolutely not. He has done what he has done of his own free will and it will be he who stands before God on judgment day to answer for the things he has done in his lifetime. Just as I will stand before God to answer for my actions. So to say that I am condemning him for his transformation would be incorrect. I actually pity the man. For one person to be so utterly confused about their life, that they would take the drastic steps of surgically transforming themselves into someone other than what God created them to be, certainly deserves some compassion or even more so, mercy! But mercy is something that only God can grant authentically and sincerely! So God have mercy, on all of our souls.

-Written by Valerie Roop

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