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WHQ’s Newest Anchor – Bobby the Dog Reporter

WHQ’s Newest Anchor – Bobby the Dog Reporter

I’m Bobby, the Dog Reporter.

Hello everyone, I’m the newest anchor here at Watson head quarters. My name is Bobby Watson the Dog Reporter. As the Vice President of Dog Reporters at Watson head quarters, I’m here to tell you to check out Watson Head quarters for all the latest news on Hollywood news, movies, and more. There’s also trailers for all of the latest flicks out of the la-la land that is Hollywood. There’s also plenty of tips to keep you fit both physically, mentally, and spiritually with advice from experts in both physical and mentally fitness. There’s even relationship advice from love experts. Of course, there’s also me, Bobby the Dog Reporter with the latest scoops on all the canine gossip from the rich and fabulous dog parks of the city of Angels. You don’t want to know what keeps happening to the Kardashian pooches. I’m Bobby Watson the Dog Reporter exclusively on Make sure to visit my page and leave your comments below.

There’s a little something for everyone on two legs, and even four, at

– By Jade Sharp

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