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Fluffy Eyelashes By Carlotta

Fluffy Eyelashes By Carlotta


Long, thick eyelashes are considered to be a universal symbol of beauty in many cultures. Many women long for beautiful lashes and they will go to great lengths to obtain them. And who can blame them? After-all, long, thick eyelashes enhance the eyes, making them appear wider and larger. They can create dramatic, seductive effects which most men find to be very attractive.

If you are not lucky enough to have long, lush lashes naturally, you can try fake eyelashes, mascara and curling, but with these option, you will spend  a lot of time trying to maintain and achieve the look that you want; which takes a lot of work every day.

Jackie Watson, the French reporter, was also tired of trying to achieve that ‘fluffy lash’ look that she has always wanted. So, she turned to lash professional Carlotta for some help. Jackie wanted Carlotta to create for her some ‘fluffy,’ dramatic, natural looking eyelashes. Talk about a long order!

But, Carlotta was not deterred by Jackie’s ‘fluffier than ever’ strange lash request. She got to work right away. She immediately replaced Jackie’s boring, flat, fake eyelashes with some very fluffy eyelashes in 3D. Yes! That’s right, Jackie now has fluffy eyelashes in 3D mode. How is that even possible?

The 3D technique that Carlotta used to create Jackies fluffy eyelashes is quite interesting and very unique. Who knew that creating an eye lash could be so artful, for lack of a better word.

Please, click on the video above and watch as Carlotta creates the perfect fluffy eyelash for our dear Jackie!

For more information about Carlotta, please visit her website at echelonaesthetics.com

For more interesting topics and events, please follow Jackie Watson, the French reporter, and her fluffy eyelashes in 3D on twitter @ twitter.com/French_Reporter

—Written by: Valerie Roop (Please follow Valerie on twitter @twitter/vroop33)

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