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Katie Cleary – Give Me Shelter

Katie Cleary – Give Me Shelter

Katie Cleary – Give Me Shelter


Dr. Elena Eustache, a world renowned relationship expert and counselor, sat down with Katie Cleary to discuss Katie’s charity work, her new documentary and her thoughts on men.

Actress, model and producer Katie Cleary is president and founder of “Peace4Animals”, a non-profit organization that works to help rescue and save the lives of animals around the world. The organization focuses on everything from wildlife to shelter animals and helps to educate people and bring awareness to animal cruelty and the endangerments that animals face every day.

After a lifetime of advocating for animal welfare, Katie released the powerful award-winning documentary, “Give Me Shelter” which premiered on Netflix on May 1st. “Give Me Shelter” which was directed by Kristin Rizzo, was written by Katie who also acted as executive producer.

“Give Me Shelter” is a documentary which helps to raise awareness for some of the most important animal welfare issues world-wide. It is an educational film which highlights the horrors endured by animals around the world, and the urgent need for positive changes to be made. The documentary covers a huge spectrum of international animal issues including puppy mills, horse slaughter, the fur trade, the ivory trade, tiger conservation, the exotic animal trade, endangerment of orangutans, as well as the issues concerning dolphins and whales for slaughter, and for use in human entertainment.

With all the beautiful animals in Katie’s life, could there be any room left for men? Yes, of course. But it would take a strong, loyal and caring man who shares the same passion for animals to win her heart.

For more information on “Give Me Shelter” please visit www.Give-Me-Shelter.com

You can also follow Katie on twitter @Katie_Cleary and @Peace_4_Animals for the latest news on animal welfare issues.

—Written by Valerie Roop

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