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Making Love – Celebrity Style A Recipe Worth Sharing

Making Love – Celebrity Style A Recipe Worth Sharing

Making Love the Celebrity Style

A Recipe Worth Sharing

Oh love, what art thou and what art thou made of? These have been questions that have plagued humanity since the beginning of time. So, perhaps you have never asked these questions in the traditional Shakespearean dialect, but I think it is safe to assume that we have all, at one point, asked these very questions in one form or another.
Defining love is no easy quest and personally, I do not believe that there is one definitive answer as love means different things to different people. So, perhaps, this question is best left alone and the answers left tucked away inside the hearts of each individual who has ever experienced it.
But let us explore our secondary question: what is Love made of? Or, if you will, is there a secret recipe for making Love and if so, what are its ingredients? As a believer of ‘love potion’ no. 9 amongst others, I was excited to learn that this very question was posed to Dr. Elena Eustache, an expert in all things ‘love’. According to Dr. Eustache, a recipe for Love does indeed exist and its main ingredient is passion. Wow! Time to bake? Not just yet. Before we can just whip up a batch of Love, we need a list of secondary ingredients. To help obtain this list, I turned to Host Jackie Watson of Watson Headquarters for help. If anyone can find out the secondary ingredients for Love, Jackie is the person for the mission.
As love is often portrayed on the silver screen, Jackie immediately took to the red carpet and found out what celebrities believe are the magical ingredients for Love. Their choices of ingredients are needless-to-say, quite tasteful: honesty, respect, kindness, communication, humor, happiness, hope, forgiveness and selflessness.So, there you have it straight from the celebs, the magical ingredients for making Love. Now, let’s whip up a batch for ourselves and see what happens. Here is the recipe:
  • (2) Life-times filled with Passion (main ingredient)
  • (2) Bottomless cups of Honesty
  • (2) Lives filled with Respect, Kindness & Communication
  • (2) Infinite dashes of Humor & Happiness
  • (2) Infinite cups of Hope, Forgiveness & Selflessness
Mix all ingredients together into two hearts.
Simmer for a short period of time.
Increase heat to 100 degrees of passion.
Bake for infinity.
Bon Appetit!
—Written by Valerie Roop
Find out more with love expert Dr. Elena Eustache

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