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Who says it is impossible to make a movie without a script and a budget?

Who says it is impossible to make a movie without a script and a budget?

Who says it is impossible to make a movie without a script and a budget?

“My dear girl, when are you going to learn that being normal is not necessarily a virtue? It rather denotes a lack of courage!”

It is almost as if these words were prophetic to Delia Antal. The “normal” way to make a movie is to at least start with a script, and then some sort of budget. But Antal courageously went against the grain and defied all odds to produce her latest film: “We Cannes” – a project she produces, directed and starred in. In what might be a more authentic approach to making a candid documentary about real life, properly regarded, Antal takes the bare bones approach to film production by operating with no script, no budget and only crew members from her previous film “D’ORA” who wanted to participate.

Jackie the French Reporter was somewhat reluctant to give the film a fair chance when learning about the unorthodox production methods behind this project, but after seeing Antal’s natural explosive energy in this investigative documentary, we were extremely impressed with the overall execution of this film. “We Cannes” explores the obstacles which invariably present themselves to a new filmmaker. She takes the audience on a candid and insightful tour of her true struggle, determination and joy on her relentless journey to bring her first passion project, “D’ORA,” to market – sharing with them a rare behind-the-scenes experience of the annual Festival De Cannes and how the entertainment industry identifies projects and closes deals.

Antal has proved that anything is possible if you are passionate and believe in your vision. As the filmmaker mentions in our exclusive interview “Work everyday…be creative, act everyday if you are an actor, write everyday if you are a writer and eventually you’re going to make it. Only with experience and resilience can you reach your big goals”. The award winning actress hopes to inspire a new generation of filmmakers by showing what can be done with a lot of creativity, hard work and dedication to your craft.

Delia Antal is a Romanian born actress, writer, director and producer. After completing her Economics degree from West University Timisoara, she decided to follow her dreams of becoming an actress and trained in both London and Hollywood. While in Hollywood, she took the advice from her acting coach, Martin Barter, to write and direct her own projects in order to create opportunities for her own lead roles – and created her first film D’ORA in 2014 for which she won the Best Actress Award from UARF (The Union of Authors and Film Makers in Romania) and critical acclaim after the BAFTA premiere in London.

Written by: Miquette Caalsen

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