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Shifting Tables with Octavio Carlin

Shifting Tables with Octavio Carlin


Jackie Watson, the French reporter, had the rare and exciting opportunity to visit world-renowned fashion designer, Octavio Carlin at his home in Hollywood, CA.

Octavio has designed dresses for award-wining actresses, performers and starlets such as, Anne Hathaway, Sharon Stone, Toni Braxton, Angie Everhart, Rosalyn Sanchez, Paris Hilton and Dawn Olivieri. His works have appeared in numerous publications such as Lucky, FLAUNT, Angeleno, British Glamour, Los Angeles Magazine, Los Angeles Times, 944, Razor, California Apparel News, Ciudad Magazine, WWD and The Daily amongst others.

During the visit, Octavio Carlin so generously displayed some of his gorgeous 2016 summer collection pieces.
Jackie was in awe as she sorted excitedly through the many dresses and listened intently as Octavio described each one.

And if the honor of meeting Octavio and viewing his new pieces were not enough, Jackie was also invited to create a piece of fashion of her own—under the careful supervision of the master, of course.

Octavio Carlin took Jackie into his creative quarters and handed her some beautiful, expensive material, a pattern, and a pair of scissors … OMG! What was he thinking?

Octavio watched nervously as Jackie cut away at the material. Once the pieces of material were ‘semi-evenly’ cut, it was time to sit Jackie down at the sewing machine (scary). So scary in fact, that Octavio opted to exit the quarters and leave Jackie on her own (wise decision). However, he did sneak a peek through the window and gasped in horror as he watched Jackie’s inexperienced hand carelessly feed the garment through the sewing machine. I guess we could say he was on pins and needles (no pun intended).

But, unaware of his observation, Jackie sewed away in glee. She was obviously having the time of her life.

Once the sewing was complete, Octavio re-entered the quarters to inspect Jackie’s new creation—an interesting new, stylish skirt. And upon careful inspection of the skirt, Octavio’s fears were cast aside and he praised her for her lovely work. Nice job, Jackie!

We are quite proud of Jackie’s skirt. So much so, that we are seriously contemplating its showcasing on the catwalk.

If you would like to know more about Octavio Carlin, you can visit his website at www.octaviocarlin.com

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