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Aphrodisiac Pudding

Aphrodisiac Pudding


Our food and drink choices are very important factors that control our moods, energy levels, stamina, and in many cases, our behaviors and desires.

Jackie Watson, the French reporter, popped onto the red carpet to ask our celebrities what types of food and drinks put them in the mood for love, or in other words, what are their “aphrodisiacs.”

Natasha Henstridge’s aphrodisiac is peanut butter rolls, rolled in Rice Crispy cereal. Blake Cooper Griffin’s ‘love’ food is chocolate and his drink is Tequila. Katie Cleary’s ‘mood’ foods are truffles, truffles, truffles and chocolate, of course. Briana Evigan chooses pasta and red wine. Ellen Hollman likes her pasta with bologna sauce and wine. Raj Sharma’s aphrodisiac is red wine and strawberry cheese cake. Acovado puts Tonya Kay in the mood for some good ole fashion love. Gabrielle Valensi likes raw food. Tilda Del Toro likes salt, oysters, lemon and spicy food. Owain Rhys Davies chooses chocolate to enhance his night of romance. Steven Ayromlooi likes sushi and wasabi. And last but not least, Janice Dickinson’s aphrodisiacs of choice are chocolate truffles, oysters and french food; but of course! And there you have it, the celebrity aphrodisiac list of foods and drinks.

But do these foods actually hold up their end of the aphrodisiac bargain? Well, we can’t answer that. But, world renowned expert nutritionist, Sonia Marie, is here to share with you an exciting new recipe for chocolate pudding that is guaranteed to put you in the mood for some real lovin.’ Just ask Jackie and Ray, Ray, who decided to put the pudding to the test. After they both consumed the awesomely, scrumptious pudding, they were instantly overcome with the urge to … OMG! You guys!!!

Well, folks, it seems as though the pudding is indeed a guaranteed aphrodisiac (wiping brow). But I must conclude that I am in a state of shock and I find that I cannot properly divulge on paper, that of which I have just witnessed. Okay, I could, but I won’t … you will just have to watch the video to see the true effects of this pudding. Oh, what fun we have!

For more healthy tips, recipes and information about Sonia, please check out her website at www.yournutritiongirl.com. Sonia also offers lessons on how to cook and how to eat healthy food that tastes great!

—Written by: Valerie Roop

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