Charles Blount Topic of the day: The Reality of Nutrition

Charles Blount Topic of the day: The Reality of Nutrition

The Reality of Nutrition
The Challenge

Let’s get real! Some people can eat pizza at every meal and never gain a pound, while many of us can look at just one piece of pizza and gain ten. Why? Today, exercise physiologist, Charles Blount challenges you to take a look at your food and the effect it has upon your body. 

According to Charles, there are some foods that ‘like’ our bodies and some foods that ‘fight’ our bodies. Also, it is important to realize that it is not the types of food, but rather the foods’ effect on our hormones that makes us hungry, fat and yes, even old. Some foods can also be sensitive to some people.

In order to control weight-gain, we must first stop and take a long hard look at our food we are putting into our bodies. It is important that we eat food from good sources such as organic veggies and meat from healthy animals. It is also important that we eat less quantities of food, remove all potential sensitive sources from our food, and begin an exercise routine.

So, take up the challenge. Make a list of the foods that you are eating. Are your foods ‘liking’ or ‘fighting’ your body?

What about your friends, family members or even your favorite celebrities. What types of food are they eating? Is their food ‘liking’ or ‘fighting’ their bodies? While we cannot answer for your friends or family, Host Jackie Watson of Watson Head Quarters got a ‘food list’ straight from the stars themselves. Their surprising answers might just knock a calorie or two off or your ‘favorite fighting’ foods.

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-Written by Valerie Roop

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