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Foods that Kill versus Foods that Heal

Foods that Kill versus Foods that Heal


Often times, our favorite foods can turn out to be our worst enemies. In fact, most of our favorite foods contain ingredients that are very unhealthy for our bodies. What are your favorite foods? Are they healthy or unhealthy?

Jackie Watson, the French reporter, speaks with celebrities to find out if their favorite foods are nutritional foods or foods of naught.

Bella Chartranda reveals that her favorite food is organic chocolate (we give her a two thumbs up). Chrystee Pharris prefers ‘soul’ food such as greens, candied yams and sweet potato pie. Dr. Jennifer Mann enjoys vegan, sprinkles cupcakes. Brandi Maxiell likes Mexican food. Charley Walters loves chocolate and raspberry combo foods, while Melanie Marden likes her pizza (so naughty).

Emily West’s favorite food is pasta (can anyone say, carbs?) Ryan Malaty loves his chipotle burritos. Leslie Gilliams likes king crabb. Alicia A Fox likes scrambled eggs and broccoli (protein and veggies – great combo). Kristen Moss loves her sushi (nice choice). Steve Langton’s favorite food is fried steak (such a naughty choice) while Aly Dubek favors peanut butter.

After carefully observing the list of foods that our celebrities are indulging in, I think it is safe to say that, like most of us, many of our favorite celebrities are very naughty eaters.

The food choices that we make can either make or break us. Most people do not truly realize the impact that food has on our bodies. Certain foods are loaded with silent killers while other foods contain healing powers.

Today, world renowned expert nutritionist, Sonia Marie, shares with us a very healthy and delicious, macadamian no-bake cookie recipe for the holiday season. Yummy! You do not won’t this miss this one!

For more healthy tips, recipes and information about Sonia, please check out her website at www.sonia-marie.com

—Written by: Valerie Roop

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